Bearing Calibrator

Replacement for hydraulic system makes 90% energy saving

Plus greater accuracy in calibration

We developed a calibration system for SKF, the world’s leading supplier of roller bearings. Our system is electrical and it uses 90% less energy than the previous hydraulic device. That’s quite a saving, and reason enough for SKF to make the switch, but there are additional benefits as well.

The calibration system is necessary because today’s high-end roller bearings can come equipped with sensors that indicate the stress being applied to it. These signals therefore help engineers predict lifetime usage and help plan preventative maintenance strategies.

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But it’s not just a simple one-directional stress that SKF bearings must endure. There’s backwards and forwards stress, up and down stress and rotational stress. And all are be reported by the sensors. SKF chose us to develop their new electrical calibration system for our knowledge and experience in sensing & actuation, software and system integration. Specifically we deployed our knowledge in signal processing, machine learning for defect detection, classification and severity level indication. Also, some of the techniques we used included STFT+, Wavelet packets +Shannon entropy as well as Baysian Interference and Hidden Markov layer.

The result? A highly accurate calibration system that that uses 90% less energy than the previous one. In addition, there is no chance of oil the spills associated with hydraulic systems, and there are less materials used.

Nobleo Technology is proud to contribute to bearing innovation. These essential devices are vital components in all motion systems. By helping to make their usage more efficient, we are making a positive impact almost everywhere.

Nobleo Technology Bearing Calibration System

  • 90% less energy than previous system
  • Elimination of oil spills
  • More efficient usage of bearings across the world