RUVU Robotics

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About RUVU Robotics

RUVU was founded in December 2017 s a spin off of the robotics labs of the TU Eindhoven. We apply knowledge gathered in over a decade of robotics research and RoboCup experience to make robots autonomous.

The name “RUVU”

A few months before the founding date, our founders figured we needed a name – short, simple and easy to pronounce. Every company needs a web site with an available domain name. Being the geeks we are, we wrote a little program to find available, pronounceable, four letter domain names. A few came out, but we thought RUVU was the coolest one, so we kept it.

Our showcases

Interested in what we have achieved so far? Take a look at our showcases here.

Powered by Nobleo Technology

An exciting new step in RUVU’s development: as of 1 January 2022, we have been acquired by Nobleo Technology! We are very excited to join forces and build more autonomous mobile robots in the future. For more info, you can read the (Dutch) press release here.