Intelligent Embedded Solutions

Let's outsmart tomorrow

We love an embedded systems challenge

Here’s the deal: you concentrate on the domain-specific aspects of your products and the rapidly-changing market you operate in, and we’ll take care of the necessary embedded software system. Including the operating system, connectivity and diagnostics.

Robust, secure embedded control platform

To shorten your time-to-market, we’ve developed a platform that is robust and secure. It’s hardware independent, cost-effective, and runs all of your developed applications and algorithms. You can expand it with custom building blocks. And much more.

Collaborating in embedded software engineering

We thrive on developing  embedded solutions like that. Yet what we enjoy most is being challenged by you to think along, and help you define use cases and requirements. That’s when you see us at our best…

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Deep Learning

We strive to minimize or eliminate work often considered dirty, dull or dangerous by applying AI-based decision-making techniques to sensor data. Click the button below to find out more.