Fully autonomous WasteShark to protect our marine life


All life is precious and there to be respected naturally


Load sensing bearings, active safety & reduced maintenance


With green-light thinking we can grow a forest of ideas

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The human factor in Autonomous

Nobleo Technology

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We are an international team of engineers, with one shared mission… to use our technology to make the world a healthier and safer place.

We have harnessed our expertise in the science of controlling motion, combining fundamental and theoretical know-how with practical engineering into effective product development. We employ unique expertise in algorithms for sensing and signal processing, giving our intelligent systems remarkable performance.



Nobleo Technology works on autonomous mobility of Care-Robot SARA

Next steps in adding value for the healthcare industry!


RoboSculpt, autonomous medical surgery robot to remove bone structure

Smart Maintenance Labs

Autonomous pallet truck

Nobleo Project B.V and Brightcape B.V. work together to develop a “standardized” AGV solution for electrical pallet trucks: “The Forklift Warehouse Management System”.

Warehouse of the future – order picking robot

The warehouse of the future is a fully automated warehouse in which divers processes are smart connected. We worked together with some partners on the Order Picking Robot.

Coverage Path Planning and Control

As soon as a path is planned, next challenge is to control this path or trajectory.

Packaging Line Feeder

Out the box thinking for box production system, turning batches into continuous flow

Bearing Calibrator

Replacement for hydraulic system makes 90% energy saving, plus greater accuracy in calibration

Autonomous Mobility Platform

One platform, many uses, thanks to easy-to-adapt architecture

No man entry tank cleaning

Why risk human life, when a robot can do the job?

Fully Autonomous WasteShark

To protect our precious marine life

AGV Plug and Play

Nobleo Technology and Accerion develop the Plug & Play AGV in this project: a physical box with hardware and software, which turns an electrically powered vehicle (EV) into an AGV


Working@ Nobleo Technology

If you like technical challenges, deep-rooted teamwork, and an informal, open atmosphere – you will definitely love working here.

Project Manager Location: Eindhoven

As a project manager at Nobleo Technology, together with your team of highly educated engineers, you translate the wishes of our customers into high-tech solutions.

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Embedded Software Designer Location: Eindhoven

Do you want to be actively involved in developing software for high-tech machines?

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Engineer on Dynamic Systems and Control Location: Eindhoven

You develop advanced controllers for smart and interconnected systems (machines, robots and vehicles)

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Main Mechanical Designer Location: Eindhoven

Is translating wishes of customers into technical solutions your talent?

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