We are here to create

a positive social impact by developing innovative technical solutions

We are an international team of engineers, thinkers, and doers, here to create a positive social impact by developing innovative technical solutions. We help drive your business in diverse ways throughout 3 key areas in engineering. Autonomous Solutions, Intelligent Embedded Solutions and High Tech Systems.

Created ideas

Digital twin of a building

System solution based on navigation, map building and deep learning based image processing

Getting grip on your development process

Getting grip on your development process: Our Way Of Working

Electromagnetic freezing of food products

Nobleo explored the feasibility of using electromagnetic freezing of food products. The technology might be able to reduce energy consumption and reduction of drip losses.

Dispensing solution for cosmetic products

Nobleo developed a dispensing solution for the manufacturing of on-demand cosmetic products.

Autonomous pallet truck

Nobleo Project B.V and Brightcape B.V. work together to develop a “standardized” AGV solution for electrical pallet trucks: “The Forklift Warehouse Management System”.

No man entry tank cleaning

Why risk human life, when a robot can do the job?

Coverage Path Planning and Control

As soon as a path is planned, next challenge is to control this path or trajectory.

Autonomous Agriculture

Autonomous agriculture, the future of farming

Packaging Line Feeder

Out the box thinking for box production system, turning batches into continuous flow

Valuable collaboration – developing a smart breathalyzer

Nobleo Technology and Mach Technology were inspired by specialists of the Emma Kinderziekenhuis to collaborate in developing a smart ‘breathalyzer’.


Working@ Nobleo Technology

If you like technical challenges, deep-rooted teamwork, and an informal, open atmosphere, - you will definitely love working here.

Mechatronics Designer Location: Eindhoven

Are you looking for a job that offers you the possibility to develop yourself and become a seasoned mechatronics designer? Don’t look any further - check out this vacancy.

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Main Mechanical Designer Location: Eindhoven

Is translating wishes of customers into technical solutions your talent?

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Mechanical Designer Location: Multiple locations

Are you the mechanic that's able to translate wishes into technical solutions?

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TPD and Design Engineer Location: Eindhoven

Looking for a job as a TPD (Technical Product Documentation) and design engineer? This might be the job you're looking for!

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