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We help drive your business in several ways because every project asks for a different approach. Our diverse range of expertises ensures that we aim our strategies to your specific needs; with our commitment to elevate your success at every turn.

We support you through:

  • Consultancy
  • Projects fixed price
  • Projects time & materials
  • Licensing
  • Investments in the form of participations

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Created ideas

what have we achieved?

Valuable collaboration – developing a smart breathalyzer

Nobleo Technology and Mach Technology were inspired by specialists of the Emma Kinderziekenhuis to collaborate in developing a smart ‘breathalyzer’.

Software controller for large Energy Storage Systems

Supporting the startup company Big Ass Battery, Nobleo is co-developing a large (container sized 1MWh capacity ) battery storage system or ESS.

Helping de-risk Fancom’s intelligent farming automation systems

Fancom and Nobleo teamed up to develop a next-generation, decentralised control solution for climate and feeding automation systems used in pig, poultry and mushroom farming.

Dispensing solution for cosmetic products

Nobleo developed a dispensing solution for the manufacturing of on-demand cosmetic products.

Predictive maintenance for bearing inspection

Nobleo developed algorithms for predictive maintenance of bearings.

Electromagnetic freezing of food products

Nobleo explored the feasibility of using electromagnetic freezing of food products. The technology might be able to reduce energy consumption and reduction of drip losses.