Reflectance sensor development

for medical device

Reflectance sensor development for medical device

Nobleo Intelligent Solutions has integrated a sensor into a wearable device to assess the level of pigmentation and redness of the skin. The sensor was developed for the purpose of preventing sunburn by assessing the skin properties before and after being exposed to sun light.

A technology assessment and IP screening was performed to understand the state-of-the-art solutions available on the market. In the end, an off-the-shelve SpO2 biosensor sensor was selected.

Figure 1 – The Maxim86161 SpO2 biosensor for wearable devices

A custom calibration and clinical validation strategy were developed to use the sensor for the assessment of redness and pigmentation in compliance with medical regulations (IEC60601).

Signal processing algorithms were developed and implemented on an embedded platform. The output was integrated into a IEC62304 compliant software application.

The sensor solution and the signal processing were integrated into a product that was CE60601 certified and launched in the market.

Please reach out to us if you are interested in:

  • competitor analysis & IP landscaping
  • design of a custom sensor solution (either custom made or with off-the-shelve components)
  • technology landscaping and IP screening
  • signal processing know-how
  • medical product development