magnetic freezing

of food products

Electromagnetic freezing of food products

Nobleo explored the feasibility of using electromagnetic freezing of food products.  The technology might be able to reduce energy consumption and reduction of drip losses.

Figure 1 – Understanding supercooling of water (left) and crystallization of water (right)

The first principles of the freezing technology were studies from a series of patents. A series of experiments were performed in a pilot line for freezing batches of food products. The experimental results were matched with the key parameters listed in the available patents.

Figure 2 – Hands-on measurement of electromagnetic freezing

From the theoretical understanding together with the experimental results, a concept was presented on how the technology could be applied in for example a continuous freezing process. A standardized test according the Design Of Experiments (DOE) approach was defined to verify the primary function of the machine to further explore the freezing process without the product to product variations.

The results have been analyzed, documented and were well-received by the customer.

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