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The control system and support you need

Dedicated electronics

An effective embedded software platform begins with the appropriate hardware: a (tailor-made) carrier board with sufficient I/O and connectivity (e.g. Ethernet, CAN, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth). We always select components and a SOM (system-on-module) that meet your specifications, and which deliver the desired results. Our knowledge of electronic components and their availability on the global market ensures the platform is equipped for optimum performance.

Board support package

Building a board support package (BSP) requires specific knowledge of boot firmware, device drivers, security and how an Operating System will function on the specific hardware environment. Our BSP team has extensive experience in all these fields, as well as in-depth knowledge of various market segments in which they are applied.

The team participates in the Linux community, and is therefore fully up to date with the latest developments. Each BSP is qualified in the Nobleo test environment  leading to a high-quality product which significantly accelerates your product release. We can also qualify BSPs you create yourself.

Our vision of an effective architecture

When developing an embedded controller or any embedded functionality, we apply our extensive knowledge of the Linux kernel, real-time behavior, available tooling (like the Yocto toolchain), cloud services and connectivity. We prevent vendor lock-in by using open-source components. As a result, our  solutions are hardware-independent and scalable.

Functional building blocks

Additional building blocks can give end users and your engineers access to valuable data, while unlocking new possibilities. For example, you can use data retrieved from system devices for predictive maintenance, deep-learning functionalities or behavior analysis.

It’s also possible to retrieve specific data from the system and visualize it on a dashboard or mobile device. Data can be sent to a cloud environment and can also be (temporarily) stored locally if necessary. To prevent unwanted data streaming costs, sampling can be applied before storage takes place.

Additional services

Our development team provides support in analyzing the communication over several interface standards. As an example, problems and defects on the CAN bus are often difficult to understand and reproduce. Our specialist knowledge and extensive experience with CAN, CANopen, CAN drivers and electronic design can help your development team move forward. By making use of our maintenance service and update mechanism, your products can always operate with the latest OS versions and security patches.

Deep Learning

We strive to minimize or eliminate work often considered dirty, dull or dangerous by applying AI-based decision-making techniques to sensor data. Click the button below to find out more.