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Are you ready to upgrade your vehicle from remote controlled to fully autonomous? This is the right moment.

We guarantee a swift transition to fully autonomous solutions

We don’t just promise expertise; we create solutions. We transform human-operated vehicles into fully autonomous robots that take over dirty, dull and dangerous jobs. While, in many cases, considerably cutting costs. All in all, we can help you with many different aspects of robot engineering.

“All our building blocks for self-decision-making vehicles have been tried, tested and proven.” Tim Clephas, head/senior-engineer at Nobleo Technology

We stand on the brink of a revolution where nearly every vehicle will seamlessly transition into intelligent, self-directed, impeccably safe, and fully unmanned entities. This proven, affordable technology is the result of years of progress in vision technology, AI, robotics, and software. Those manufacturers embracing these advancements today will undoubtedly surge far ahead of their rivals almost instantaneously. So, are you in?

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For the past decade, autonomous vehicle technology has commanded significant attention within the automotive sector. However, the innovations stemming from automotive research are catalyzing an abundance of applications across various industries, spanning construction, mining, agriculture, shipping, logistics, aerial transport and beyond. The advent of autonomy solutions is poised to profoundly influence the evolution and efficacy of all mobile machinery. Nobleo is highly experienced in the automation of vehicles in each of the below mentioned industries producing state of the art solutions.


Nobleo's exclusive

Autonomous Mobility Platform The support you need

Every autonomous operating systems demands its own set of performance criteria and a dedicated mobility system. Yet, creating these systems is often lengthy and costly. Therefore, we developed a generic Autonomous Mobility Platform. A platform that is especially easy to adapt and fine-tune to the specific tasks of the application. This gives you a valuable head start in the development process. It also saves both time and money, but you still get an autonomous mobility system that is ‘purpose-built’ for the application.

Created ideas

Discover our accomplishments!

No man entry tank cleaning

Why risk human life, when a robot can do the job?

Autonomous Agriculture

Autonomous agriculture, the future of farming

Autonomous Mobility Platform

One platform, many uses, thanks to easy-to-adapt architecture

Fully Autonomous WasteShark

To protect our precious marine life

Autonomous Street Sweeper EIT project

Cleaning streets is essential for well-being in cities. Similarly, cleaning industrial floors is important for productivity in industrial buildings.

Nobleo Technology works on autonomous mobility of Care-Robot SARA

Next steps in adding value for the healthcare industry!

Autonomous pallet truck

Nobleo Project B.V and Brightcape B.V. work together to develop a “standardized” AGV solution for electrical pallet trucks: “The Forklift Warehouse Management System”.

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