Care-Robot SARA

Next steps in adding value for the healthcare industry!

Care-Robot SARA - from driving to autonomous navigation

About SARA-Robotics

SARA Robotics is a start-up in Care-Robots for the elderly, powered by Bright Cape. SARA has been developed to support care-workers, who are under enormous work pressure. Especially in these difficult circumstances SARA is of great support for the elderly and the care workers.

From driving to autonomous navigation

SARA was already able to drive around randomly but not able to navigate autonomously from one place to another. To reach the next level of support for Care-workers it is necessary that SARA can navigate effectively by itself. With autonomous navigation, SARA will be able to visit the residents herself without requiring any help of care-workers.

The Challenge is to let SARA go from her current location to a known, pre-defined place (“go to this chair in the common room” or “go to this room”), however SARA currently does not know where she is in space (the ‘localization’).
Nobleo Technology is an expert in autonomous mobility and is working on accurate localization for the robot, an essential feature if you want to go from one place to another. We are implementing simple, low-cost beacons for localizing the robot and we communicate her current location to SARA. By using her current location on a known map, SARA can navigate safely to the right location.

Bright Cape and SARA Robotics are working on the development of further care functions, the IT infrastructure (Back-end) and user interface (Front-end). They will be able to make SARA navigate around the home, recognize and avoid obstacles with the help of Nobleo Technology.

With Nobleo technologies added autonomous mobility, SARA will be making the next step in adding value for care-workers.