Nobleo Welcome Day

Nobleo Welcome Day 2018

On May 31 we welcomed 11 new talented colleagues during the Nobleo welcome day. Our new colleagues were introduced to each other and Nobleo Technology at our marvellous office in the Petrakerk, Eindhoven, This international club was taken on a journey where they learned all the ins- and outs of Nobleo, our core values, expertise, entrepreneurship, and passion. Besides the presentations and a workshop where design-skills regarding robotics were tested, we also concluded the welcome day with a delicious meal that was fully prepped in our own kitchen by our own Neil Corben.

We want to wish Jules, Rik, Anetta, Fatih, Jasper, Vivek, George, Alejandro, Jerrel, Ruud, and Özgür the best of luck and a great time at Nobleo Technology!

Click below for an impression of the Nobleo Robot Workshop.