Max van Lith

receives prestigious award

Moment of triumph

We are very excited to share this moment of triumph. After Kees Verbaan (NTS) in 2021, our own Max van Lith received the prestigious Ir. A. Davidson Award 2023!

The prize aims to encourage young talent and is intended for a young precision engineer who has worked in a company or institute for some years and who has a demonstrable performance record that has been recognized internally and externally. Candidates must also use their enthusiasm to have a positive effect on young colleagues.

This recognition marks his outstanding contributions and dedication. Max inspires other Nobleans and his enthusiasm has a positive effect on young colleagues and motivates them to contribute to the best solution. He embodies the values and principles that define Nobleo Technology and has the ability to effortlessly intertwine the core tenets of Passion and Expertise

In short, Max has all the ingredients for a successful career as a precision engineer; intelligence, passion, discipline and drive.

Read the English press release of the Dutch Society for Precision Engineering here.

The the Dutch press release can be found here.