Multispectral imaging

for inspection of skin and food

System solution for multiple applications in health, agri and food

Nobleo developed a custom multispectral camera prototype for the assessment of pigmented lesions in the human skin. Prior to the development an extensive patent screening and IP landscaping has been done for the particular application.

Next to the hardware, we have developed the deep learning architectures for the processing of multispectral images. The algorithms were developed for assessment of skin lesions in the visible and near-infrared wavelength range (l = 350 – 900 nm). However, both the hardware and software/deep learning algorithms developed in this project can be used for various inspections in agri and food such as fruits and the leaves of plants.

The absorption spectra of skin chromophores have been used to calculate the amount of local presence of blood and pigment underneath the skin. A multitude of machine learning architectures was tested to evaluate the added value of the chromophore maps for the assessment of pigmented lesions.

Chromophore maps for the assessment of pigmented lesions

The classification results showed that the inclusion of the chromophore maps together with the original RGB images delivered a better classification accuracy.

 Different deep learning architectures to classify pigmented lesions.

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