Robotics during the Dutch Technology week 2019

Robotics during the Dutch Technology week 2019

Monday the 20th, the eighth edition of, the Dutch Technology Week kicked off. The high tech industry makes a significant contribution to the Netherlands’ society and economy, which is celebrated during this annual event. Innovation and technology are presented across the whole country to inform the public about modern technological developments, to share success stories of the Dutch high tech industry and to stimulate young people to pursue a career in technology. In short, it is the excellent opportunity to show off the latest inventions and enthuse others about high tech.

During the first few days, many interesting seminars, activities and gatherings took place already. With regards to robotics and autonomous systems, the Mechatronics cup was awarded to students who created a robot which switches batteries autonomously. Next to that, the Catherina Hospital in Eindhoven performed a robotic surgery live on online television. Another noteworthy event was the seminar on human-robot interaction in health care, which was a joint effort by several health care providers and academic institutions.

And did you know that, in the past weekend, in Tilburg, people of all ages can experience what autonomous vehicles and augmented reality solutions can do and how these work during the Building the Future event in the LocHal. Furthermore, in Eindhoven a science hack day was organized in the city centre for those who like to create innovative things using science. Besides that, the Philips Museum was free to visit during the weekend. In the Northern part of the country, the Maker Festival in Twente was worth a visit. This festival focused on how novel technologies interfere with cultural developments. This and much more was part of the Dutch Technology of last week. Did you miss it? Make sure you set the dates of next years week in your calender (23rd till 29th of May 2020).

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