Nobleo Technology and ROS 2

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About ROS 2

As Nobleo we believe in the possibilities of ROS 2. We have a team of specialists continuously working on one of our own ROS 2 projects to learn and to stay on top of all the developments. This makes it possible for us to present the best, innovative, solutions to our customers. Curious? Come visit us and we will demonstrate our ROS 2 project!

Initially ROS 1 was developed for education and research purposes, over time they discovered that ROS 1 had more possibilities for other purposes as well. Due to all developments and potentials it was easier to build a new ROS. The idea is that ROS 1 as it exists today needs to stay and especially not be affected by the development of ROS 2. That is why ROS 2 was born and had its first release in December 2017. At this moment ROS 2 is not a replacement but is build as a parallel set of packages that can be installed alongside and collaborate through message bridges, with ROS 1.

Three highlights of ROS 2

Three other highlights we want to share with you:

  • Quality of Service (QoS): With the addition of DDS in ROS 2, compared to the TCPROS in ROS 1 it is easier to improve for example the security or speed of your system.
  • With ROS 2 it is possible to act Real-time without any hesitation.
  • With the Micro XRCE-DDS in combination with a lightweight version of ROS 2 called microROS it is possible to seamless mix microcontrollers and microprocessors with high-performance computational devices into one robotic system.

Remember ROS 2 is in addition to ROS 1. Both systems can work together through message bridges, want to know how and why?

Are you as curious as we are? Do you want to know more about ROS 1 and or ROS 2? Please do not hesitate and contact us.