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We can transform any human-operated vehicle into a fully autonomous robot. We do this by using sensors to image the surroundings and create a map of the location with the autonomous vehicle. By programming the behaviour of the robot to automate specific tasks, we can automate almost any task in your operational process.

To see if the automation of the tasks is feasible from an investment standpoint, is something we want to discuss and explore with you. By defining the use-case and technological risks we can define small feasibility projects to reduce the risks and go towards a solution in manageable steps.

The technology we use is common in existing market such as Logistics AGV’s. Here, the golden standard is LIDAR-based feature navigation. We have extended this with several sensors and path-following algorithms to be better equipped to meet more difficult environments. Over the years we have build up a solid competence when it comes to sensing, navigation and sensor-fusion and -processing:

  • Sensing
  • Localization
  • Navigation
  • Augmented reality
  • Vision and AI

Automation of dull, dirty and dangerous work is actual in many markets. Nobleo has delivered to several markets over the past years:

  • Agricultural machines
  • Petrochemical cleaning-, inspection- and maintenance tools
  • Cleaning machines
  • Aqua drones

Due to our broad experience with sensing, localization and navigation we can offer out of-the-box solutions to your autonomy challenges.

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